Packing & Content Cleaning

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Storage by United Services

Storage by United Services

You can count on United Services to manage the removal of contents for cleaning and storage after a fire, water damage or any other type of loss. This normally involves two stages:

First, at the site, items are identified, cataloged and tagged for proper return. These items are loaded into secure, weatherproof moving storage vaults and transported to a United Services storage and cleaning facility.

Second, once the damaged items arrive at the United Services facility, they are professionally assessed. Furniture and clothing are treated for complete odor removal utilizing the latest techniques. Once restored, all items are returned to the storage vault and secured until reconstruction is completed and they can be returned to their owner.

United Services offers:

  • Full service moving, including scheduled packing and unpacking
  • Individual cataloged storage vaults
  • Climate-controlled warehouses
  • 24-hour video surveillance 

United Services is there when you need your home or business back to normal FAST!

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Contents Cleaning

On Site: United Services conducts an evaluation to determine if on-site cleaning and deodorization is appropriate for the situation. Our staff meets with clients personally to discuss the options that will work best for the property owner, and for mitigating the loss.

At Our Facility: United Services project managers conduct a detailed room-by-room evaluation of the loss. Based on our electronic inventory system, we'll advise clients whether it is cost effective to pack-out the contents and bring them into our warehouse and processing plant.

If contents are brought to our warehouse, upon arrival all personal property will be stored in a climate controlled facility, in a secured vault. Any priority items will be cleaned and deodorized and returned to the customer’s temporary living location.

Gentle cleaning of damaged soft contents Contents after cleaning

Our Process

Ultrasonic Piston Cleaning #1

Ultrasonic Piston Cleaning Process #1

Ultrasonic Piston Cleaning #2

Ultrasonic Piston Cleaning Process #2

As part of the United Services customer care program, clients are welcome to visit our facility to observe the cleaning process. During restoration or reconstruction, personal property will be stored until completion of the project.

Among the specialized cleaning methods employed by United Services, is the Omegasonic ultrasonic industrial cleaning process.

For many tasks, this process is safer, faster and more thorough than other parts cleaning or degreasing methods.

Non-toxic ultrasonic cleaning bubbles create a unique cavitation phenomena, seeking out and removing heavy grease, unwanted microscopic particles and other contaminants from your contents. This extraordinary cleaning action infiltrates the smallest crevices and hard-to-reach surfaces, penetrating areas normally inaccessible to other cleaning methods.

You can learn more about the ultrasonic cleaning process here.