Additional Services

Post-Disaster Repair, Restoration and Inventory Services in Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and all of the Northshore

At United Services, our mission is to respond quickly, effectively and comprehensively to home and business owners following natural and man-made disasters. Because flooding, fire, high winds and other disasters have far-reaching effects on buildings and their contents, we want our services to address every possible obstacle to complete recovery. That’s why we offer the following additional services:

United Services provides full service restoration after any disaster

Mold remediation. Our technicians are trained and certified to remove mold and mold-damaged materials. Sometimes a mold infestation takes place in the aftermath of a flood or other disaster. In other cases, mold deposits form on organic materials like wood, fabric and paper because of ongoing humidity or moisture issues. Regardless of the cause, mold should be removed along with the moist conditions that are causing it. United Services can handle both parts of this assignment.

Specialty services. A wide variety of restoration work falls into the category of “specialty services.” One such service we can provide is to restore fine art that has sustained cosmetic and other damage. At the opposite end of the spectrum, United Services can remove odors, debris and carrion from your building(s). We can also perform building assessments using infrared imagery, and perform electronics restoration and media recovery.   

Electronic inventory. Our proprietary electronic inventory system is the most sensible way to record personal and/or business property items in a thorough and accessible way. According to your wishes, we can provide a photo as well as a digital inventory, which is typically performed during a pack-out process to clear the damaged building.

Environmental cleaning. Many types of debris can be found in a building following a flood or other disaster. After over 30 years in disaster restoration, we’ve seen it all. And we’ll make sure to remove it all. Our environmental cleaning often includes mud, soil, vegetation, mold and other organic materials, as well as paint, solvents, household supplies and other compounds.

Construction & restoration services. There’s no need to contact other contractors to bring your building back to normal after disaster damage. United Services can provide comprehensive restoration and reconstruction services that include structural reconstruction as well as the installation of finished materials like roofing, siding, windows and interior flooring and paneling.

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