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Keeping your carpet clean extends its life significantly and creates a healthier, more beautiful home.

The key to keeping it cost effective is to stay on track with your carpet cleanings. A small investment in cleaning today can make a great impact on the long-term quality and value of your carpeting.

Professional Carpet Restoration in Illinois & Wisconsin

At United Services, we provide cleaning and restoration services for carpeting of all types. We take pride in our healthy, effective solutions and fast results.

Keeping Your Carpet Clean & Beautiful

Cleaning and maintaining your carpet is the best way to ensure its long life and visual appeal. The best maintenance is a combination of both in-home and professional efforts.

There are four ways to maintain a clean carpet:

  • Preventative Measures: Reducing the volume of soil that is tracked into your home.
  • Daily Maintenance: Removing dry soil and dirt spots as they appear on the carpet.
  • Light Cleaning: Removing surface-level soil.
  • Deep Cleaning: Getting deep into the carpet's pile to remove penetrating soil layers.

Of these, a homeowner is the best option for preventative measures, daily maintenance, and light cleaning. Cleaning spots as soon as possible and minimizing soil buildup in the soil is vital to keeping your carpet as beautiful as possible.

It's also important to bring in professionals for deep cleaning on a schedule -- and not just when there is visible dirt. This is vital to the long life of your carpeting.

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Carpet Maintenance And Cleaning Tips

Some homeowners avoid installing carpet entirely by instead opting for tile, linoleum, or hardwood floors. This is unfortunate, as there's many advantages to having a carpet installed.

Carpeting provides a soft, attractive, nonslip surface. It insulates noise, and feels warm and comfortable underfoot. It also can act as an air filter, pulling allergens and debris out of the air. While these allergens can accumulate and be reintroduced into the air, a well-maintained carpet has been proven to be a benefit for the health and quality of life of those who have one.

There's a lot you can do on your own for your carpet's upkeep. When you're cleaning your home, consider these three pointers:

Getting Rid Of Spots & Stains On Your Carpet

When you install a carpet in your home, you've committed to a long, unbroken sheet of material on your floor. One spot or discoloration, and that beauty is interrupted.

If a stain happens, it's important to respond as soon as possible -- if not immediately, then by the end of the day.

When cleaning spots out of carpet, we recommend these six steps:

  1. Blot The Spot: If the spot is still damp, blot it to extract as much of the substance as is possible.
  2. Draw It Out: If the spot has dried, use a spotting spatula to loosen the material. Then vacuum it off thoroughly.
  3. Treat The Area: Many cleaners react poorly with carpet. Be sure to test your spot treatment out in an inconspicuous area before using it on a spot. Work from the outside of the stain to the inside for maximum effect and to avoid spreading the stain's damage.
  4. Blot The Treated Area: Soak up any moisture. Repeat until no more stain is transferred to the towel or rag. then apply water to neutralize the solution and blot again.
  5. Use Stain Eraser On Stubborn Spots: If the previous steps were ineffective, apply a stain-erase product liberally, working it into the carpet. Vacuum after drying.
  6. Protect The Carpet: Wet carpet and cleaning chemicals are a dirt magnet! Once the cleaning is done, be sure to protect the area from traffic for 24-48 hours.

If the stain occurs in a high-traffic area and is dry, you should also vacuum the area before applying any water or wet products. The moisture from them can turn preexisting soil in the carpet into mud, worsening the problem significantly.

We Can Restore Beauty And Cleanliness To Your Home's Carpeting!

Don't wait until your carpet looks soiled before cleaning it! In most cases, carpets begin to appear soiled because many layers of dirt have embedded themselves in carpet fibers. This makes cleaning much more difficult, and can compromise how effective it is.

We'd like to help you maintain your investment! Contact us by phone or e-mail today!

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