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United Services Enhances Its Contents Processing

United Services by Permaco, headquartered in Lake Bluff, IL, has announced that it has enhanced its personal property (contents) processing by upgrading its electronic inventory capabilities allowing for even faster handling of contents during a restoration project.

Lake Bluff, IL - January 22, 2013

The process of completing a contents packout occurs when there is a fire or flood in which personal property also gets damaged.  A qualified contractor that specializes in contents then would send trucks, boxes and technicians to the property, carefully pack up all of the damaged personal property and transport it back to their warehouse. Once the personal property is at the warehouse, the contractor begins the cleaning and restoration process.

United Services has been utilizing an electronic inventory for the processing of contents since 2004.  This has included bar coding and scanning items during a packout and cleaning job, along with taking pictures and tracking the condition of all items that are removed from any residential or commercial property to be cleaned.  This provides a property owner with a complete photographed inventory of the items that are removed from their property to be cleaned. 

“I am very excited about these enhanced capabilities in our packout process.  We know the importance of investing in technology in order to meet our customers’ needs.  This is just another example of how we want to make sure that United Services can provide a superior claims experience to property owners and insurance companies when they have to deal with a loss,” said Gary Swenson, President of United Services. 

By upgrading its electronic inventory capabilities, United Services, can now create a quicker inventory list for insurance companies, provide reports on cleaning and replacement costs, and track any insured’s contents and room detail during all process points of a pack out job.  On each job that requires a packout, an iPad is also used to document all the contents on the scene, allowing United Services to leverage the use of technology and maintain its quick response time on any loss.

This enhanced software allows United Services to provide an exceptional level of customer service to both the insured and the insurance company.  For more information about United Services or their packout process, please contact 1-855-838-3925 or visit

About United Services by Permaco Inc.

United Services is a full-service restoration company with extensive background in the cleaning and construction industries. Our highly trained team is experienced and proficient in dealing with the unique needs of the disaster restoration industry. We provide emergency service 24-hours a day, 365 days a year with IIRC Certified personnel. Our fast response helps prevent unnecessary additional damage. United Services is also Member of Disaster Kleenup International (DKI), a business network of leading property damage restoration contractors across North America. Since 1981, our outstanding reputation has assured our customers excellence and professionalism in every project.