Smoke Damage in a Chicago Home

A house fire is usually an unexpected occurrence that can leave staggering effects of smoke damage within the home. When your property experiences any sort of fire damage, no matter how large or small the incident is, the main concern after the fire is out is the effects smoke damage can do to your home. If and when a fire occurs within your home, you must be weary of the smoke that will billow and spread throughout your entire structure. The smoke will want to travel to cooler areas of the home, traveling through any pipeline or wiring crevice, staining and smothering your structure with an unpleasant odor.

It’s just smoke…it’s not a big deal. Wrong! If we think that smoke isn't harmful, we’re sadly mistaken. Even a very small fire that may have started from improper appliance use can spread smoke to every room of your home. The worst part about smoke damage is that it is difficult to clean. Do-it-yourself kind of people, trying to clean smoke and soot from fire and smoke damage may end up destroying and losing more valuables then if a professional restoration company was hired. While it’s hard to believe, smoke damage requires proper and professional cleaning equipment and techniques to get rid of the after effects. United Services is your local smoke restoration company providing the proper tools and solutions to eliminate the odor, soot and stains from the smoke and fire.

You’ll never expect your home to experience any kind of fire damage, and when it does you may not know who to call. As a professional fire and smoke restoration company, United Services provides our professional services and skills to help restore your greatest asset, back to normal. We can get rid of all the lingering odors and smoke smells associated with fire damage on a home.

United Services has an experienced team of home restoration professionals that have all the necessary solutions and equipment to take care of all the smoke damage your home may have experienced. We can properly assess the current damage and provide a cost estimate for restoration and repairs.

We are North Chicago’s fire and smoke restoration smoke company, providing our professional services to local homeowners. Smoke damage in Chicago, Kenosha, Waukegan, Algonquin, Mchenry, Buffalo Grove, Barrington, Round Lake, Lake Zurich, Gurnee, Mundelein, and local areas nearby are just some of the cities we provide our restoration services too.

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